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Excavating jobs should only be left to the professionals. When you hire inferior excavating contractor companies there is a very high chance that you will be left with a misshapen hole on your property unfit for anything and a whole lot of earth piled up in the wrong place. At Dixie Asphalt & Concrete, they see every excavating job through to the very end. They are a professional excavation service fully equipped with all the vehicles and machinery needed for excellent excavation work.

Their excavation service is speedy as well. It is not their intention to linger on your property for a minute longer than necessary. Likewise, they understand that you need your property back to normal as soon as possible. Excavation work can be stressful and hectic but when you work with Dixie Asphalt & Concrete they help take the anxiety out of even the largest jobs.

They do not subcontract any of their work to other companies. They have everything they need to get the job done themselves. You can work with them on a number of excavation projects both in the private and commercial sectors.

Maybe you are thinking of installing a new curb on the perimeter of your property. In this case you will need a relatively small trench dug before the concrete is laid. Dixie Asphalt & Concrete has bobcats to get this type of work done in no time flat.

Or maybe you want to install a brand new pool in your backyard. This is a much larger project that would require a backhoe with the appropriate auger attachments.

Dixie Asphalt & Concrete have these machines as well. You get the benefit of their fully equipped excavating service and expert knowledge when you hire them so do it today!

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